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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • The bug reporting window should no longer display UNTRANSLATED mission names when selecting which mission you are currently on.
  • The Crew Assignments key bind now correctly opens up the Assignments window.
  • Duty officer Maintenance Engineer specialization "SpeedCooldownCategory" is now displayed as the more clear "Cooldown Rate".
  • Resolved several minor issues with the Klingon Rewards window.
  • The chat window option for displaying message types will now be enabled by default for new characters.
  • Added art optimization updates for the disrupter space beam weapons and global updates to shield impact FX.
  • Reverted the changes to the Guardian of Forever voice.
  • The Gekli Companion power will no longer display (null) in the Available Abilities window.
  • Night of the Comet
    • During Reliving the Past, critters in the bar fight can no longer leave the bar and move into the hallway between the bar and spawn point.
    • Becoming the Future: the D7s have been tuned down based on player feedback.
  • Tear of the Prophets: Gul Oran and the Orb are no longer present when the Cardassian Minister claims that Gul Oran has run off with it.
  • Skirmish: Reinforcements now respawn when killed.
  • The exchange officers for Federation Ambassadors have been updated!
    • When you gain the diplomacy rank of Federation Ambassador, rank 4, go to Jiro Sugihara where you can claim a new very rare exchange officer.
    • If you are already a Federation Ambassador, go back to Jiro and you can claim a new very rare exchange officer and if you already have a common one, you can keep that one, too!

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