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# 1 A take on S5: Heretic style
12-02-2011, 10:55 PM
Ok, so I was vehemently opposed to S5 and I completely viewed it as epic fail, but I warmed to a few things and decided I would take the good with the bad for now.

Let me roll through 'em:

Skill tree - I was honestly thinking it would blow, but the new skill tree at least allows freedom of using a few different weapon/energy combos and not feeling like you're taking an ungodly hit from speccing too thin. I like that, but there are a few completely idiotic skills to spec into, like batteries. C'mon, really? I use batteries like once in a blue moon. No reason I should have to waste SP's to make them better.

That being said, at least it is a little more versatile tree.

Signs/Lighting on faction HQ hubs - Sorry Cryptic, but ESD and Qo'Nos look like a steaming pile of monkeycrap. Stop catering to the these new F2P nubcakes and go back to something that doesn't burn our eye sockets out and looks like a day care.

New C-Store ships - Love my Sao Paulo, and the new Klink ships look awesome. Kudos on excellent ship models as always.

STF changes - Like the new gear and the changes, just not sure I enjoy having to run and run and run STF's over and

DS9 changes - DS9 looks infinitely better, and thank you for making the wormhole look somewhat accurate.

Dilithium Economy and Dilithium Exchange - Sorry, but on this one I say the dilithium economy sucks and I always will. I know it's your source of revenue now, but it will be the one thing that kills your game, so enjoy making money off it while you can.

DOFF system - Outstanding, and a fun departure from the same old missions. Excellent work, Heretic and company!

Calling this thing "Season 5" - Really guys? Nothing episode wise, and a few new features doesn't constitute a season. If you would've just called it the F2P update, it would've been better instead of insulting the intelligence by saying it's a season.

That stuff being said, while you guys are it, keep fixing bugs and actually show the PvP crowd some love because they deserve it. Also, keep making an effort to get the KDF caught up.

Lastly, don't forget about your vets and lifers here, we're willing to meet you guys in the middle if you keep trying. If you focus on the incoming nubs and ignore us though, we'll leave you high and dry quicker than you can say "engage."

Just my 2 cents.

~ Supreme

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