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I was in game Holodeck and logged out to switch characters. Received this error message in the launcher.
Once i logged out it downloaded about 1.4 gb for holodeck.

Unable to Authenticate: Couldn't even attempt account server verification

Tried several times.
Closed out and logged back in

Tried again and received second error on updating launcher.
Unable to establish connection to Patch Server. Please check your internet connection.

I know my connection is fine. I was in the system a few minutes earlier. and I am on line now. Direction connection to internet. I know the FW isnt getting in the way. Wondering how long this will last.
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# 2
12-03-2011, 10:12 AM
Im having the same issue and i was able to play a day ago.

Edit: I just tried again and it worked, no idea what happened there.
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12-03-2011, 05:59 PM
Getting this too, keep getting kicked every 10-15 minutes then started getting issues even login in just a while ago.

Finally made me come on the forum after days of it to drop of a few comments. My net seems fine, I work on it all day still work on it while gaming too.

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