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12-04-2011, 07:29 PM
Originally Posted by Quiiliitiila
I was perusing the STO wiki and I found some new pictures of the Terran Empire Jupiter Dreadnought. Pretty nice!





This last photo shows how skinny the "underbelly" section of the ship. I hope that it could be larger when released as a player ship.


Fingers crossed it comes out shortly after F2P!

EDIT: Added top pic.
Ok, I'm sorry, but I have to chime in on this.

The Jupiter Dreadnought has GOT to be the ugliest, silliest, and most unimaginative Federation star ship design that I have EVER seen. It looks like something that a 12 year-old would draw.

I can understand wanting a dreadnought for the Fed side, but this? This is easily the worst of the Cryptic-created ships that have appeared in this game. I like most of the original designs that they've put forth, but the Jupiter shows no such polish.

I think a Federation dreadnought could be done really well, but I would hope that they would be of a caliber on par with the rest of their designs. What I don't get is how anyone can be so enamored with such an eyesore. It looks like a flying bath tub with four, tiny warp nacelles thrown on as an afterthought. It looks awful from ANY and EVERY angle.

I swear that I'm not trying to troll anyone, but I honestly don't see the appeal of this ship. Is it simply a matter of being drawn to the power that such a ship would possess? What is it? Could someone please explain it to me?

Great, now I feel like a jerk. But I just don't see what all the commotion is about.

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