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As the title states.

I'm *thinking* Tyken's might be, but I really don't have a lot of experience with either. Or, is there some better Commander Sci skill I'm unaware of? Its for a character in a B'Rel Retrofit, if that makes a difference.
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12-05-2011, 07:06 AM
I think you are right for PvP anyway.
Gravity Well can do pretty well in PvE to suck up everything into a ball, but I believe in PvP most people will just escape it.
Tykens is still going to suck power from any area anyway, while Gravity Well is more like all or nothing.
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12-05-2011, 07:17 AM
Well thats a good question. I'm not sure about it yet.
On my sci I used both... I'd personally say that Tykens is better against singel targerts while Gravity is better against a singel targert...
Tykens rift has the issue that its prety easy to escape; combination with a tractor beam to keep the enemy on place until his energy dropped enough helps a lot.

In general, on that sci, I turned to use Tykens rift II with gravity well III... the reason is... well I like both and the oppisite combination only allows Rift III with well I.

Also, that experience is from the OLD skilltree, my impression is that Gravity well became much stronger with the new skilltree so it MIGHT be the better choice now.
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12-05-2011, 07:32 AM
Tyken's 3 is now much more powerful than it was. Whereas before it drain a set amount of power now it drains power per second for its maximum duration or as long as the target is in the rift and the drain stacks all the way. My Tyken's 3 drains 9 per second for 17 seconds making it great for dropping shields for an Escort to come and do its thing.
Gravity Well 3 is also now much stronger than it was but assuming you're looking at PvE only then the only thing you really want is the hold which can be useful in the STFs. It does do a fair amount of damage (My GW 3 deals around 900 kinetic per second but I only have 6 points in the necessary skills and fairly low Aux).

I tend to find I'll switch between Tyken's and Grav Well depending on what the team make up is; if it's all escorts then I'll use Tylen's to drop the shields of the Cubes and Tac cubes whereas if it's cruiser heavy I'll use GW to keep the nanite probes and spheres from the nanite generators. I don't think either is better than the other but they're quite situational in there use.

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