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# 1 Holly Shield SUCKERS Cryptic!
12-05-2011, 10:04 AM
I was in Ker'rat enjoying annoying the Klinks like normal. I was tanking 3 others when out of the blue a Carrier launched these shield suckers. I drooped warp poo expecting it to kill them. Nope. I tried everything I had and after even using rsp had no shields at all. HE didn't even stop the shield drain. I'm not saying it's OP since you can shoot them but they suck ya dry. Not even ASM drew them away.

If you get 2 carriers in a 5 man pvp match with those and 3 berel with heal / torpedo skills there is no way to defeat it other than running. Imagine 3 berel hit an unshielded ship with quantum HY 3 and healing the carriers too.

He he he. I love plotting tactics. Anyhow Nice new addition and Klinks.... Don't do it.

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