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Any dev's or STO in-game Fleet leaders who's done Fleet uniforms/Emblem design/editing know why we can't change/modify our fleet uniforms or even just change emblem designs within the "Change Fleet Emblem" button from the in-game mini-map selection of "Fleet"?

I keep getting this pop-up msg box from within the "Change Fleet Emblem" after clicking "purchase" from having modified fleet emblem designs:

[ " Your outfit requires purchasing one or more outfit packs. These must be purchased individually using Cryptic points. Please press the "Buy" button next to each item. When that is done, pressing "OK" will spend the in-game currency.

Outfit changes ................. ( costs of changes in energy credits here, for e.g.: 400 e/c's) " ]

Before anyone thinks I left something out or did it wrong or forgot something, let me just anticipate what u may ask from thinking such thoughts by just listing the checklist of what I made sure of to do before clicking purchase.

- Yes, I have the fleet permission to edit/change Fleet uniform/emblem checked.
- Yes, I carefully make sure all the uniform articles chosen were generic( from default names or basic ones given free from Cryptic of those u don't have to buy, like e.g. Sierra, etc. ) to make sure new members not needing to buy anything to put on our fleet uniform.
- Yes, I've done the fleet uniform/emblem editing before for this fleet from last time, which was in Season 2. I've done this before and had no problem back then.

- Yes, I tried deleting the lowest rank fleet uniform, and creating a new basic/default( no purchase necessary ) uniform without ranks/comm-badges selected, and using that as default to try simply changing fleet emblem a few more attempts and tried clicking "purchase" button again, but still same pop-up msg box as given above.

Anyone got any idea what's going on with our "Fleet Uniform/Emblem" editing tools within STO?

I mean, is it under the "Underconstruction / Revamp" radar of Cryptic's "To Do" list, or am I missing something about this?

Btw, there's no "Delete" option given like before to delete a saved uniform/emblem changes from the saved uniform listing. There's only 'Save/Load', which doesn't even work for new emblem designs, for example. What gives?

( Note: I've been playing this game as Lifetime member since STO launched in Feb. of 2010, so I do know how these stuffs suppose to work like it used to in prior seasons, just to give u some ideas that I've been around in this game amongst other career-lifer members. )

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