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I know this is a long time issue, but i think cryptic really needs to sort these missions out before they push f2p out the door in just over a month.

The bug experiences i've had an' still get is when u beam down to a planet based missions.

1. the mission text doesn't corisspond to what your scanning.

2. mission specific items being buried in scenery items.

3. your away team disappearing when in combat, or just disappearing altogether.

4. the compass bar doesn't work at all, a new item added for f2p, to let players know which direction stuff is.

i know other's have experienced similar bugs, but considering that these missions under the new f2p model give a substansual dilithium daily mission reward. i really think cryptic should sort these, otherwise new players r gonna come across these and other long standing bugs and just walk away from it. meaning that sto dies.

and to b honest thats's one thing i don't want to see. i do like this game for the doff system an' the combat.

so please cryptic sit a dev down in front of these mission's and have them go through them all an' please sort out the bugs, otherwise i can see it killin' the game when the new players come across them.

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