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I bought two Tear 3 refit ships (Excelsior and Nebula) which I later saw were supposed to be unlocked if you possess the Tear 5 refit ships of those variants already. Well, it offered me to buy them again for 800 CP each. Not that I like to support Cryptic for their efforts, butt 1600 CP is a bit much. Would it be possible to balance those points back to my account? Tickets are of no use, they don't get replied to for weeks or months. That's why I have to post the issue here.

Another thing: Is the Sao Paulo still not claimable if you bought it with another character on the same account? And why does the Dreadnought show up to buy when I have it already almost since launch?

And a small PS: It's a bit strange to see so many bugs in the C-store which is now the main point of all players in the game. At least the most important feature of the game should be bugfree in my opinion. Tons of ships can't be claimed properly if they had been bought in the past, then there is this Tear 3 - Tear 5 issue on the refit ships which apparently doesn't work at all.

There is a lot of work ahead of you, dear Crypticians, please use those recently multiplied and exploded maintenance periods to upload some of these necessary bugfixes along with hardware maintenance etc. that would be really nice. Thanks.

~ Meowrika

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