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# 1 The STF sets
12-06-2011, 11:32 PM
I was a little disturbed to find that when I got my Honor Guard mk XI armor, it didnt come with any visuals. Because apparently I need the full 3 piece set to unlock the costume. I think this is a little absurd, cause now I wish I got the gun least then I would have some visual representation of the sweat and blood I poured into the 40 STFs it took to get the freaking armor in the first place.

I suggest that having the armor equipped puts a default non customizable version on your character which can be toggled. At least thats a compromise to tie us over until we can color it when we get the full set.

I was also annoyed that the XI sets are nerfed versions of the XII sets, and since I never plan on doing ground elite STFs...ever....ever..because they are a pain in the butt as it is on normal and its tedious/miserable to do them. I was hoping the XI sets could have the same visuals as the XII sets, or at least close...maybe a toned down version of the helmet.

Im worried for the future of STO now, is every new thing they add to the game going to be a grind now to keep us playing longer? If I feel like my time isnt yielding results, I will no longer play this game.

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