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When I was Able to by the defiant class retrofit i did of course i knew it would be hard since i am (was) a science career but i didn't care i want a defiant i now use it an aprx. 87% on my tribble carchter and why you may ask i made it an aprx 100% canon ( more like 95.7831 % due to borg set and some personalty addition and other thing such as real (cannon) as more weapons and Bridge officers .etc). The following is an example of what its weapons would be (I do change according to mission/level)

~~I am allowing you to base your ship of this if you are doing a defiant on sci carc (Because some sci ppl cant hand cannons)~


1/4 Dual Phaser beam bank (Perfibly a "[Borg]"
2/4 Phaser cannon (most damage as possible) (Perfibly a "[Borg]"
3/4 dual heavy phaser cannons (Perfibly a "[Borg]"
4/4 quantum torps (Perfibly a "[Borg]"


1/3 Turret or phaser bank (Borg is reccomend) (Turret is phaser)
2/3 Same as Back 1/3 (above) (Borg is reccomend)
3/3 photon torp. (Borg)

~~~ RECOMMEND- 'P.D.S' (point defense system),Maco or Borg engines (for sector speed)(Maco: Warp 9.99)(Borg: Warp 14.00), Shields must protect against plasma damage, Emergency force fields (max possible)(due to only 50 crew) ~~~~

___If You have a suggestion that you think is better for a science captain w/ a defiant class retro-fit i would like to hear your suggestions_____

___Please No Spam this includes multiple posts about bacon, fleet recruitment, Or chuck Norris (sorry This is not a forum about bacon or chuck Norris, please talk about that in game on ESD)

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# 2
11-26-2011, 05:24 PM
Well, I'm personally opposed to anything but a tactical career officer piloting an escort because they can maximize the ship's potential compared to an engineering or science officer via career path skills (Attack Pattern Alpha, Fire on my Mark, etc). But being that I'm not you, here's my suggestions:

Until quad cannons launch, unless you're going for pure cannon armament, you should be running three sets of dual or dual heavy cannons plus a quantum or photon torpedo fore, and two (or three depending on preference) turrets aft with a quantum or photon torpedo launcher. For cannon type, only Anti-proton with [CrtH] / [CrtD] and [Borg] if you're facing Borg will truly do for a DPS oriented approach. Combine this with Cannon: Rapid Fire III and Torpedo: High Yield III (both trainable to a BO by a Tactical career player) for maximum effect.
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# 3 Ture but...
12-05-2011, 03:55 PM
like i said i am sci class ,yes i understand i dont get full power but i get a lot
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12-07-2011, 03:48 PM
I'm glad to see a thread about this. I greatly enjoy being a Sci Officer, but have often thought about flying a Defiant Refit to actually put some damage behind my character. I'm currently flying a Long Range Science Retro, and while I drop some pretty epic Gravity Wells and stop ships in their tracks, it often seems a bit lackluster compared to my other fleetmates. I've often noticed that while running STF's, I'm incredibly resilient (yay Hax Emitters and TSS and Ablative!), but hit with the force of a baby's fist.

I worked on a build for something like this, but instead of Quantums, I thought a Tricobalt launcher would be more ideal, given that you will strip their shields down incredibly quickly with the cannons, then as you finish your attack run, drop the Tricobalt in their faces.

I'd be interested to know how this is working out for you. Hit me up in-game/mail message!
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12-07-2011, 04:58 PM
I used to play a tactical as a primary for both Feds and Klingons. Now I'm running Sci captains. Unlike tacticals, Sci captains can take down stacked buff defenses. They are definitely more flexible in both PVP and PVE. Tacs can dish out great single-target damage, but Sci can do mass AoE damage and heal. My sci captain flies an MVAM/AE, but I can easily move over to a Defiant without any issues.

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