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I happen to have a lot of character slots because I really like playing this game and trying to get to VA with all different combination's of character type and Ships. I am disabled and use my keybinds for almost everything and I have basically changed each and every keybind to make certain things easier for me.

Every time I start a new character I have to make sure that I remember to unload my keybinds... But I know that each of my other Characters always have the keybinds saved so I don't have to upload them each day. When you start a new character it has a default set of keybinds the are saved somewhere.

So what I was wondering is .... Is there a way to make my keybinds the default keybinds for my whole account so I don't have to upload the 3 sets of keybinds every time I start a new toon?

I can continue to upload them every time I start a new Character, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has their own set of keybinds and would like to be able to start a character with their own keybinds and not have to upload them....


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