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12-09-2011, 12:31 AM
Originally Posted by Malak_ChaTrek
I am referring to subscription fees, therefore your argument is invalid. if you can't see how a lifetime subscriber is only required to pay at most $300 and therefore will pay considerably fewer sub fees over the life of the game you need to take another look.

so you resort to insults and 'yay i'm better than you because I paid $300 up front!!' elitism. it doesn't help your case.

no it was a lie. as others have already told you in several other posts. even if liberated borg are being made available to others that does not mean you are losing them. you still have the same ability to create one. hence you have lost nothing.

the benefit of the lifetime membership is never paying again. and you still aren't losing anything.

they aren't supposed to gain anything substantial. a lifetime membership is a lifetime membership. thats the purpose behind buying it

I see alot of people claim this despite the fact it has no basis in reality

current users keep what they already have. liberated borg characters are not removed from lifetime accounts. this has already been made clear

no, because by its very concept that is not free to play. free to play makes more money than subscriptions from microtransaction sales, therefore its in the best interest of cryptic leave silvers as they are to attract more people. more people = more transactions = more money. its the whole 'it takes money to make money' concept
Do you know about the time value of money? Its safe to assume that every dollar that was put in by life time subscribers wasn't spent as soon as it was paid, so the value of that money over time is greater because of the intrerest that is earned on the money.

Also, not having exclusive access to content after it was given to you is a loss.[/quote]

thats right its not free to play look at what you paid thou for the game just to get 400 points like i said in my other reply you are paying 15.00 a month for 5 months to get 2000 points = 75.00 total sub fee you on the other hand paid a whole lot more than you think. free to play has a better options than a lifer or a 15.00 a month player a free to player can get what you can get for 25.00 a month not a 5 month sub at 75.00 so it is cheaper to go free to play not pay to play you bet im going free to play to get the same thing for less money

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