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I can tell you what my excuse is to want it,
i actually have a Jem'Hadar Captain that i made with the Alien Creator... so for me it's purely the roleplay aspect of it why i wanted it bad enough to throw Money at Cryptic until i had it.

If they had put a Cardassian Galor class Ship in there... or a Ferengi Marauder...
i don't have a Cardassian Captain, i don't play a Ferengi either.... i would not have jumped on that.

Sure, i would have tried it with the Winter Event, but i would not have thrown my Money away for it.

So what is your excuse?

Everybody seems to be going nuts over this little thing...

- do you think it is the BEST Escort because of the Stats?
No it isn't...
it has only one SCI console, so don't even bother putting SCI BOffs on this Ship (no Photonic Shockwave for you PvPers!)
You can't use Cloak or MVAM with it and it does not have any special abilities of it's own, just the Universal Slots and those only make sense with Engineers because SCI as said before only get's one console slot and it has 2 high rankin TAC BOffs to start with.

If you still say it's "TEH BEST" for some reason, so what?
Then you are just foolish to try to get it only because of that, it will take 2 weeks or 2 months but it will get NERFED it happens every time even with payed for C-Store Items ....OR Cryptic will throw more Ships on the C-Store that are just as powerful / or even better ...and than you will facepalm and switch for then ext best thing again.

I think many Players just want it because "oooh, new shiny, hard to get, and OMG time limited, super super RARE !!! MUST HAVE IT NAO !!!" question: why?

Breathe people, think for a moment...
you do not have to have it only because it's a new Shiny, is there an actual Reason why you want to have that ship so badly?
Did you want a Jem'Hadar ship 7 days ago before there was a Picture on the Homepage of it?

In the end, i would much rather see a true Romulan and Cardassian+Dominion FACTION added to the game, instead of throwing random Alien Ships at the 2 existing Factions.

And honestly i would totally pay 50 bucks for a proper Expansion Pack, be that on DVD or as C-Store unlock if a new full Faction was added.

...gnah i'm getting off topic again.


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