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# 1 Ideas for a new Tier 5 Escort
12-09-2011, 11:14 AM
At T5 Science ships, and Cruisers each have 5 ship models, (Sci = Recon, Deep space, Intrepid, Nebula, & Dkyr. Cruiser = Star, Assault, Galaxy, Galaxy X, and Excelsior) while escorts only have 3 (Advanced, Fleet, & Defiant. I don't count the Jemhadar because it can only be acquired through the gift boxes).

We need more escorts.

My suggestion is the New Orleans class ( )
Bridge Officers: Commander Tactical, LTC Engineer, LT Tactical, LT Science, & Ensign Tactical.

Hull: 30000 Turn Rate: 15
+15 Power to weapons
Console Mods: 4 Tac, 3 Eng, 2 Sci
Special weapon: Phaser Triple Beam Bank. (same fire arc as a dual beam, but more damage per shot and slower rate of fire)

If anybody has an other ideas for a T5 Escort please post them.

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