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Please please please Cryptic/devs can you have a look at the ground invasion and make it so that if you log into this, you chat with people in the same zone, because there are people making/joining teams who can't get on the same map due to being on different zones.

A team i was on yesterday, wasted a good 20 minutes hopping instances to all get in the same instance, which was rather frustrating for us all.

You have the facility to see if a team member is in a zone as it says on the change instance, but during the invasion yesterday, if the zone is full up, it no longer shows in the change instance list, instead only giving you non full or empty instances. Some were filling up so quickly, that by the time we had picked one, is was full before we could get the last 2 members in the zone.

Either lock down the zone chat, so that messages for team requests are zonal and not cross zonal, or if teams have been made, you can join an instance where the majority of your team mates are, regardless of if the zone is full or not.

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12-11-2011, 03:28 AM
Hopping instances doesn't work. What does work is to have everyone beam upand the team leader initiate a group beam down. That ensures everyone ends up in the same instance.
It is still annoying when you suffer a disconnect and the open instance spot is already taken by the time you get back. The entire team has to stop doing what they were doing and beam out and in again.
So I'd rather they put in a fix for stability first.

BTW, isn't local chat meant for the map you are on? Zone chat has always been cross instance.
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12-11-2011, 03:51 AM
hardly anyone uses local chat.. but yes i guess im guilty for not using it.

A switch to instance as the team leader would be nice, or even when you use the transporters in the ground zone, it by a small miracle, put you in the same instance as the team leader.
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12-11-2011, 03:54 AM
Then just use the beam-out/in method I described. It's a decent work-around and takes about a minute depending on each team members loading times.

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