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# 1 Any chance of this Cryptic?
12-11-2011, 05:01 AM
selling our m.a.c.o/omega gear back to the vendors for EDC's back.

so we actually have a chance to test it all out before settling on a set/piece of equipment.

just to make it fair, you can only return an item once per piece. so you cant just get X ammount of EDC's and go and swap everytime.

or add some Doff missions so we can get extras EDC's (2day mission = 10 EDC. seems fair) without having to grind the same 3 missions over and over.

i'm allready bored of STF's over 100 runs in and still lots more to go if i ever want a full set of each.

anyway, just an idea dont know how others would feel about this.

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