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So a while ago, long before 600 days or active gaming, i hit VA. I used my free VA token to buy the Defiant retrofit. It was awesome. Then a while later, they announced the Sau Paulo coming which in short... was supposed to be awesome. New awesome interior, new awesome quad cannon, new awesome Tactical escort look and feel. Then after another while later, it finally arrived. and i bought it. But i needed to clear some space for it. Since it was a tactical escort i figured i didn't need two so i removed the Defiant. The issue is though that one is a Retrofit, and the other a Refit. the Sau Paulo, while able to cloak on the show, sadly couldn't cloak in game. Why make Cloaking a console if no other ship can use it other than one that already cloaks? that makes no sense....

Any way i dismissed it only to be disappointed at the ship as well as it's cannons. But then i hear they fixed the bug for reclaiming ships! but sadly it only applies to reclaiming ships purchased, not earned. But then i thought, hey, isn't the 600 day veteran reward a VA ship token? Why can't i use this? Why are the players that have been in and Loyal since launch being shortchanged not only the 500 day vet reward, but also now the 600 day vet reward? For what? just because we hit VA before you decided to change the VA ships to C-store only? Why is no one else mad that we're getting the short end on 2 different veteran rewards?

Please tell me i'm wrong, please tell me that i can still reclaim a ship i've earned without C-points or that i can use the 600 day vet reward to get it. If any one else is having this issue, feel free to vent here.

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