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Hello Guys

For a very long time I used an Excelsior Retrofit or an Assault Cruiser with my tac. Officer. I did use following setup with great success in PVP:

8 beam arrays
borg deflector, borg engines, borg console and the Aegis/Reman shields.

tacteam1-beta1-BO3(sometimes replaced by Omega 3 or Btss3)

engi consoles: EPS, Plasma Manifold, +35% shields, neutronium Armor

Now this setup allowed me to do quite well in PvP and in 1v1 fights against other very good escort pilotes.

Now after Ive returned for S5 with all the new skill changes I realized that now when a competent escort captain alpha strikes me my cruiser goes *pop* in a matter if I have epts 3 and Tss2 on...

I just get hit with a Bo3 for like 30k damage and then that escort sits on my rear and unleashes its firepower. the only means I have to get away are evasives and deuterium but even then he catches up with me and usually kills me no matter how hard I try to keep him in my broadside.
Ive tryed a differen Loadout with torps and/or dual Beam Banks but never was I able to break their shields or to keep them in my frontal Arc. My rear 3-4 Beams and a torpedo launcher are mostly never enough to damage an escort which cycles epts1 and 2 togehther with TSS2 or even TSS3 (mvam).

While my 4 rear weapon slots wont do much against him, I dont have the heals to keep up with his damage.

My Engi/cruiser toon is ofc much more "tankey" and can deal with escorts damage better, but I really feel that Iam always on my backfoot...healing myself not beeing able to dish out any damage nor beeing able to spend my heals on my team.

My question is: Is tac/cruiser really dead for PvP or have you guys found out any good way to deal with the problems Ive described?


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