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Our Fleet consists of three of us who have been friends for many years, and gamers forever. We have run into the frustration of randoming into elite STFs with people we just can't carry. We are looking for a couple of people to join with, or (if you prefer) to join our fleet.

About Us:

We are all adults, we all love Star Trek, we are all ex-WoW raiders, we don't RP, we don't mind if you screw up occasionally but... not every pull! We are all mobile software designers/programmers. We are excited for D3 to come out :-)

We are usually on in the late evening. Anytime from 6 PM till 2-3 AM CST. If you want a more structured schedule we could work with that

About You:

No racists, sexists, homophobes, etc... This is probably the most important thing

It's called a frequency remodulator: use it
Those injuries you're wracking in elite up can be healed, please heal them.
Have some gear to start with!
We use Skype, you can join us if you like, but you don't have to... We joke around with each other a lot but really we aren't dicks...just good friends

Reply here or whisper me in game

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