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# 51
12-12-2011, 10:41 AM
well i was talking to tech support there basic reaction is F U spend more and more, even if you have everythign from before hte F2P build on thge C store so are getting nothing form these boxes. other than s**t
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# 52
12-12-2011, 11:04 AM
When I was a child growing up in the 1970's I loved to get cereal that had a prize inside it.

Sometimes it was 1 of several prizes that you'd receive. You knew, even as a kid, that there was a chance
that you were not going to get the exact price you wanted, so you got your mom or dad to buy the box knowing that you either would or would not get the exact price you wanted.

Fast forward to the latest "jem had'ar" ship prize in the box;

It's NOT a raffle ticket you buy, it's a MYSTERY box, which either does or does not contain
the ship. Same principle as a prize in a box of cereal.

To suggest that Cryptic needs to go into a higher level of detail in revealing the chances of you actually
getting the ship is sour grapes on the part of the OP of this thread.

They've already said it is a RARE ship. Which to me it means there is a very slim chance of actually getting it, even if I purchase 100 gift boxes.

What IF the chances are 1 in 1000 in getting it. 999 of those boxes would need to be sold before the ship appears in the 1000th box sold. That's WHY it's RARE!!!

I personally think it's a genius marketing plan that's going to generate ALOT of real world $$$$ for Cryptic from all the people wetting their pants to get that Jem Had'ar ship.

Cryptic doesn't want every Tom, Dom, and Harry flying around in it all over the place. That's WHY it's RARE!!!

People, there is no automatic entitlement to you being GIVEN everything you want in life. For every cry baby on these forums whining about not getting the ship I'm praying that you NEVER get one, just because you seem to think you can whine loud enough to Cryptic that they'll break down in the future and start selling them on the C-Store.
Lt. Commander
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# 53
12-12-2011, 11:42 AM
I won the ship on one toon and only purchased 3 holiday packages. I begin knowing I would only buy up to 4 packs because if not I would spend more money then I wanted to spend.

I was taking a gamble because that is all this was is a gamble and I knew going into it that I may not receive the ship. I took a chance and got extremely lucky which is not normally the case for me.

The main thing is I knew I was taking a risk and I was willing to take that risk because I made a decision knowing I may not walk away with a ship but atleast I tried and due to the nature of something like this kind of proceedings I had to be ok with not receiving the ship going into this that is why I set a limit of only buying up to 4 packages and no more.
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# 54
12-12-2011, 12:07 PM
While we welcome the feedback and discussion of the chance box, the talk about how this breaks the law is unnecessary.

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