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# 1 Monday Night STO - C'mon Man
12-13-2011, 07:43 AM
My list

•The exploit introduced with the Radan Tribble has been removed. Really? That's all? C'mon man

2 years later, same damn PvP areana, C&H, War Zone maps - C'mon man

P2W ships and consoles instead of content and challenges - C'Mon man

Game play physics stuck in 70's Pong engine because that's canon? C'Mon man

Watch for Z-10,000ft (Wrath of K) Maneuver console in c-store (Fed Only) C'Mon Man

Still can't change my Klingon uniforms beyond the base or see armor effects after 2 years - C'mon man

High % win PvP fleets must be cheating, 2 years later - really? c'mon man.

Cannons (and I haz them) that fire radar guided heat seeking energy bursts? c'mon man

borg borg borg - c'mon man

gambling to win ships (without gambling quitline disclaimers I might add) c'mon man


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