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12-13-2011, 12:01 AM
Originally Posted by inktomi19d View Post
That style of play is better suited to a flight-deck cruiser IMO.

The other thing is that dedicating yourself to healing doesn't always work with PUGs -- especially not on the KDF side.

The big risk PUGing with a healing spec is that you'll end up on a team with no heavy DPSers (and that seems to happen every time I roll out in my Marauder) I usually see at least 1 carrier and one science ship In KDF PUGs, so that 2 our of 5 non-DPSers. Add 1 healing-focussed cruiser, and you're at 3 out of 5. So you've got to hope that none of the other 2 are beam cruisers, science ships, or carriers.

The second issue is that the cloaking ships almost always start too spread out to receive heals. generally a healing boat works best if it stays near any uncloaked ships, but the Raptors and BoPs usually start their attack runs on the opposite side of the fedball.

The third issue is that light ships tend to break contact the second they are threatened. There are a couple of players who tank pretty well in a Raptor or BoP, and they make great targets for heals, but most zip 20km away as soon as they get in trouble, which even if you manage to land the heal before they run is a waste. I'm *much* happier healing on the Fed side than KDF side because of it, the Feds tend towards tankier ships (and lower DPS) so there's usually someone sticking in the fight who needs healing.

I like switching over to a healing beam-bot when I'm on a premade, but it's really miserable to PUG with. But running a DPS cruiser with cannons is a lot of fun, as long as I keep a few heals and share them whenever I can. Lining up shots in a Vor'cha isn't awful.
That's fine but if what I'm understanding is that you think there is a lack of DPS in which case why not run an Escort for better DPS? Everyone is targeting the BoP's and Raptors because their burst potential is much more of a threat. It's simply impossible to derive the same burst out of a KDF cruisers with only a LT Tac BO. Not too mention there is no way to stay on target as effectively as either one of those ships. A smart group is just going to kill the easy targets first then when they are gone blow up the hybrid cruiser guy.
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Originally Posted by dvsaris View Post
I like the Klink battlecruisers. Their maneuverability is excellent, especially when you add a RCS console. My only gripe is that there isn't an Excelsior equivalent. A LC Tac slot combined with that nice turn radius would make a great attack cruiser.
I agree with this statement alot. The Klingon empire has been with out a true excelsior type BO lay out in a Battle Cruiser or Flight Deck Cruiser so far.

Hopefully that may change one day. Either that.. or maybe the Romulan Empire will get something similar.
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12-13-2011, 11:37 AM
I play an Eng in a Vorcha. I opted to go with a 6 beam broad side, and 1 DBB and 1 Quantum up front. Running HY1, BO1, APB1.

Basic healer set up:

EPTS1 x2, RSP1, ET2, ET3, Aux2Sif II(or III), extend III(or II)
Haz 1, TSS2

(note I haven't respeced since S5 started, not enough time)

One thing I haven't tried is running:
EPTSx2, A2D1 x 2, Extend II, ET3, Extend III

just run around extending with A2D running and extending like crazy. You lose hull healing, but might still work well.

Save the BO and HYT1 and APB for spiking with the DBB and quantum on targets of opportunity. The maneuverability, lets me keep things in the broadside and easily tighten the turn to bring the DBB and quantum to bear when I need it. Also easier to get rid of pesky escorts.

A Tac in a cruiser might be able to get alright burst, but won't be great. Good for an alpha with team mates and supporting with some heals before retreating.

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