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Are or aren't the success percentages suppose to change if you use a better DOFF is the assignment spot?
What I mean is that a purple DOFF would get a better percentage rate that a white DOFF...

I'm asking because with the assignment "Research Winter Cultural Celebrations of the Planet Earth" you need to use 3 Science DOFF's. There are no other traits listed, you just need to use any 3 Science DOFF's. The success percentage is the same no matter which science DOFF's you use. If you use 3 White DOFF's it is 56%, If you use 3 Green 56%, Blue 56%, Purple 56% ....

I don't think that should be correct, if it is why it there any difference between the DOFF colors beside the reward percentage. For this mission no matter what I do I cannot get a better success rate than 56% and I think this is wrong....


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