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12-13-2011, 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by Jonathan_Kent View Post
Not sure if lying or did not do the research.

The Duty officer system is excellent and has been quite well received, and its true the new ships are visually pleasing, but many people are still upset over a variety of so called 'improvements,' and the distinct lack of mission content.
  • STFs; drops are unfair and grindy, need/greed mentality fosters the opposite of teamwork and camraderie
  • Crafting is dead
  • +1 Ships are still an issue thats only been partly resolved
  • PVP balance non-existant
  • Still no new FE
  • Lotto box backlash
  • Skill changes without the space/ground split has produced some oddities
  • Continued use of exploits that it took a podcast episode to finally convince the devs existed.
*Throws in a John Stewart "Booooooooommmmmmm"

On second thought: I was at MA during the crafting event to pick up commodities from Rek... I was quite surprised at the amount of people there. Personally, I filled up the banks and inventories with purples of 3 trash alts, including buying the max amount of bank slots for one of them before F2P hit so unless they get some new stuff I'll never craft again. I've got like 8 Agies sets LOL

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