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Again, apologies if this is on the wrong board, but I've been developing a web site and everything has been going smoothly until I've added a rich text editor (similar to the one on the STO boards here). I use php/mysql and it submits the information just fine unless, however, the user copies and pastes from word or anything else. It wont upload to the database if you pasted say a huge post from word.

The character limit size in sql is large enough to hold the text, so I don't think that's the problem.

Someone told me (and I've read on another forum) that javascript rich text editors haven't worked for a couple of years and it's because of some safety precautions from browsers. I'm sure that's false seeing how we use something similar on STO boards.

So, is there anyone out there that can help me or guide me in the correct direction?

I've tried using Tinymce and right now i'm trying this one

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