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I am way more happy now.

Well, let's take a look back.

When Season 5 was introduced, something that I already suspected by playing on Tribble happened.
The whole grind philosophy has completely encouraged me to play alts anymore.
There was simply no way I had the time to keep 9 different characters up to speed with new gear, dilithium, lore accolades and what not...
That made me unhappy.
I love my alts...

So I returned to my original toon and neglected the others.

I pulled all resources, gear, credits and dilithium from them and made my main (who is for the first time truly a main character) the best I could.

Now I still hated that my alts were sitting there unused and not really contributing and the little roleplayer in me likes their different "personalities".

What I did, was promote my main to an actual Admiral in command of his own task force.
I transferred my old bridge crew off to other assigments whereever and recruited my alts into my mains (now) elite crew.
It was the first time I actually bothered to equip them with top notch purple gear down to the last man.
With all their pooled resources no problem at all.

In a way I can play all of my alts now at the same time. And if I ever feel like playing a single one of them, I can just pretend to send them off on an assiment and play a Boff... How cool is that?

Next step will be recreating my alt's top ship to switch into when the situation calls for it.
Can't wait to make the Odyssey into my new flagship though.

So now the pressure to constantly min max manage almost a dozen different characters is gone. No longer a need to replay/grind every FE if there is a new special reward to be won.
Although the alts are still incredibly usefull to help with grinding stuff like the jinglebells and scarves in Winterwonderland.

Only one toon of mine remains, that I couldn't faithfully recreate. There is no way to copy a freed borg Klingon drone on Fed side. But that's ok, 1 alt on KDF side that is still autonomous is not that bad an idea.

Timelord, happy STO player.

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