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I can't seem to get an answer for this question.

I bought C-store points which is good across multiple Cryptic games.
I'm now getting a STO only stipend.

If I buy something from the STO c-store, is my stipend being used first since my stipend is only good for STO? I would hope so!

Here is my ticket i sent to Billing support but they could not answer my question.
I'm unable to get the full history in the correct order from the web interface of the ticket system. So i'll attempt to recreate it.
stipend - #1237180 - Star Trek Online

===== Ticket Submission Data =====
Game: Star Trek Online
Platform: Not Selected
Category: Account & Billing Services
I have a nice stack of C-Store points i purchased off the web. I'm about to start getting a stipend for Star Trek Online.

Since stipend points are only used in STO and my other points can be used across games I need to know how future purchases will work.

If i purchase something from the C-Store will my STO stipend (STO only) be used before my older c-store poin...
Support responded yes stipend first but they could not guarantee it.

I responded back "can you verify that?" and got this:

Customer Service Responses:
Greetings, Unfortunately we can not verify if the points from the stipend will be used before any available Cryptic Points. Regards, Simon E Cryptic Support
Can I get an official verified response to this question please?

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