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12-14-2011, 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by Reave View Post
Why would you get Jem'Hadar tech from fighting Borg?

Frankly, I don't care if it doesn't become available some other way. There'll be other stuff. But if it is going to be added it should be either a complete OOC means, or one that makes sense from an IC perspective.

Maybe as part of an accolade, requiring you to complete all 5 upcoming DS9 feature episodes on elite, solo from start to finish. It doesn't cost you anything, it doesn't require much extra work for Cryptic and it'll keep it somewhat rare.
Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
I like the idea of getting that ship with methods that do not include spending multiple thousand Cryptic points, but for the OPs suggestion... just like with the STF gear I dislike the Idea of beeing dependent entirely on luck and randomness.

Put that ship... and others like it... to the STF-vendors for a big chunk of rare borg particles.... 100 or 200. Or whatever is reasonable.
That might be something that keeps people motivatet to work for it and only those who REALLY REALLY want that ship will end up with it, and only after a really big amount of time and work.
That would make it "Rare" in a good way.
The idea is that it become another high demand item like the Borg gear. And it becomes an Borg Tech sink after a character has earned the assimilated Borg ship tiems, and the MK 12 version of each STF set (and multiples for the BOFFs). I guarentee that there will be players with extra tech to waste. Also, but making it tied to STFs, it easily limits the ship to RA/BG characters. As for immersion explination, the ship was aquired by the special forces of both factions, and it became another item for the researchers to barter for Borg Tech.

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