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# 1 Olympic class fixes
12-15-2011, 05:36 AM
Hi all,

I assume CapnLogan is still lead ship artist.

Now that the ground has been prepared for F2P, and the +1 ships are all done, might Cryptic have time to go back to the existing ships and look at some fixes once more?

The Sovvy, Akira, Galaxy, Intrepid, etc.. got a once-over, so I hope theres some more of that love available.

The Olympic class is direly in need of updates, as it looks almost nothing like the canon vessel. Heres the STO version...

The shape is far too faceted and lumpy, and the damn circular deflector at the front never existed in the original model. The nacelles are completely wrong, as the original had a more rectangular cross-section...

Is there any chance of having this looked at at some point? This is one of the only ACTUAL 25th century ships in Star Trek, so its a real shame that its essentially missing from STO.


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