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# 1 StarFleet Academy Issue
12-15-2011, 03:08 PM
While during the event i was collecting samples and was fighting a Hologram Klingon amd all of the sudden my Screen turned into 30 different colors like a rain bow but there is nothing wrong with my video card it fine it's up too date i keep computer cleaned our and my video card barely touch's 140F Only when i am at ESD it hits 140F every where else is fine heck i can play GTA 4 with out an issue even with my GPU over clocked.Not sure what the cause of the issue was I don't no may be it did it be cause i am playing in a minimized window But if i play it in full screen it lags a little i even set my Game video settings too Default level and never seen the Rainbow colors be for.Never even in another MMO game i have never seen the Video go too a Rainbow like that.

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