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Okay, seriously... Who designed this $h!+?

Here's my beef: I've taken 20h or 2 days or whatever it is to do my "recruit officer cadre" assignments.

1) My duty roster is full, which means I have to sell or dismiss DOFFs with no guarantee of who I'll be getting in return. I'd much rather that DOFFs go into a queue from which I can select KNOWN DOFFs to add after deleting existing active DOFFs on my roster.

2) The way things show up on my completed assignments, I can mouse over the "rewards" for the mission (2 DOFFs) and see names of the DOFFs, which I can then look up in the exchange (since mousing over them DOES NOT bring up any stats on them or their abilities/traits). [I don't know if it matters, but I've already got two DOFF items in my inventory that I haven't 'used,' I don't know if that's why I'm now seeing names associated with DOFF cadre assignment rewards or not. Don't remember it showing specific names before?]

I currently have two completed missions (well, had, really). If I switch back and forth between them the officers listedi n the mouse-over CHANGE! WTF? Why do they keep changing? What's the point of SHOWING the names of the officers if every time I come back it's a DIFFERENT officer? If it's going to be random, DON'T show names, just say "random DOFF." 'Cause I just saw a DOFF I liked, clicked "claim rewards" and DIDN'T GET the listed DOFFs, I got two completely different DOFFs than the ones listed.

After wasting 20h or 2 days or whatever, that seriously annoys me and makes me not want to use the DOFF system anymore. I just got rid of two DOFFs I sort of liked in order to get two DOFFs I sort of liked better and then ended up NOT GETTING the DOFFs I was EXPECTING, since those were the names showing up in the Completed Assignment screen as rewards... WTF Cryptic. Fix your ***** so it makes sense and doesn't screw over your players.

[/end frustrated rant]

Seriously, we need a queue system where DOFFs go before you add them to your roster officially (just like with BOFFs), but they CAN go there so you can clear up completed assignments without having them 'sit' because you can't collect your DOFFs. And, ideally, such a 'pool' of candidates would not have an arbitrary cap on the numbers. If I want to have a 'pool' with a thousand candidates, I should be able to have a pool with a thousand candidates. Even if I'm only able to make a hundred or so "active"/"usable" on my roster. (For that matter, I don't know why there's still an artificial limit on how many items you can list in the exchange. That seems silly to me. Why can't we just sell anything and everything we've acquired?)

As it is, I have two cadre 'consumables' in my inventory I'm leery of "using" since I'll have to delete DOFFs with no guarantee that the DOFFs replacing them will be even remotely related let alone "better" than the GOOD DOFFs I'll have to dismiss to get them.

This is becoming more frustrating than it needs to be. I'm hoping this all gets fixed, and SOON... I like the game, but some aspects of it are REALLY frustrating/silly.

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