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# 1 Account error please help
12-17-2011, 12:50 PM
Hello i have a problem, and sorry for my english

I was playing star trek online several months ago. I buy STO Digital retail with 30 day game key. Yesterday i reistall star trek online, and want to lauch game client, but when i'm log in and the game would start patch, client give me an error

"This game requires a retail purchase to play. Please visit this page to get your copy!
If you've already purchased the game, please enter your retail key here. "

Now i don't subscribe star trek online, but several month ago, if i dont have any subscription i can log in my account via client, now i can't, next problem is when i go to and i go to my account page, my characters there is nothing, but i have one character 45 lvl. Can anybody tell me what i can do to resolve this problem ??

Very thank you for evry answer.

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