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For the last couple months i've been playing like once every other week and only one episode at a time due to work and other RL things. I've been having more time than usuall lately to play and When i logged in last week the game randomly gave me this:

-You know how recieving new bridge officers after completing a mission? Well i got TWO items:
+ One is called "Federation Lieutenant Commander Duty Officer Pack"
+ The other is called "Federation Commander Duty Officer Pack"

As of this moment the character i'm playing is a Federation Commander 5. So what are these items? What do they do? How do i use them? I tried to sell them but apparently the have no value with the merchant NPCs.

Also, i noticed that there is something now called the "Dilithium Exchange". What is that? Is there a link that ya'all know about that can explain to me everything about it? I'm now looking around the forums and STO's main website as you are reading this but i thought it would be a good idea to ask this here as well.

Also, i noticed that i can make gold pressed latinum. I think that's awesome but i'll probably never spend it cuz i make so much energy credits through the regular exchange selling loot that it's quicker to get stuff i want with energy credits. Is gold pressed latinum actually worth making in this game or should i stick to my energy credits?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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12-19-2011, 03:51 AM
Duty officers are used for the new duty officer minigame. They're non commissioned officers you can send on missions to earn rewards. If you click the little shuttle icon under the minimap on the UI, you can open the duty officer window and get things started. There's also a tutorial mission you should have received if you go down to starfleet academy, which should help explain how it all works.

Dilithium is a new form of currency that's replaced marks and emblems to make things a bit easier to manage. You'll get it for completing missions and duty officer assignments and it's needed for buying a lot of things in game now. You can also buy it with c-points if you open the converter window or even trade your dilithium for c-points.

Most of the time you'll receive dilithium ore, which you can convert into standard dilithium (capped at 8000 per day). That's just done to limit the economy, so not too much is coming into marketplace at one time.

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