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# 1 Kar'fi STF build.
12-19-2011, 08:57 AM
((I have utterly no idea what Mr. Moderator Q means by Zombie Thread..but the other Kar'fi thread was closed.))

Ok, Just brought a brand spanking new this week KDF TAC up today the LtGen and decided to spend my Lt.Gen token on what is by far the ugliest looking ship in the galaxy... the dreaded Kar'fi Battle Carrier.. Used an 8 hour XP token and a one hour XP token, I ground this particualr toon form Commander 6 all the way to Lt.General with about 5 min to spare...

So, I'm like a fan of BIG ships with lots of firepower.

I'm still tuning the ship so this is by no means a final build/configuration. And this Kar'fi is all about offence.

3x Dual Heavy cannon fwd (currently using 2 Antiproton and one Plasma) and the Breen rapid reload transphaic torpedo. Aft I'm mounting 2 Poloron turrets and the breen transphasic cluster launcher. While I did consider a hardier hitting torp for a few seconds, I've discovered that knockback while fighting STF's is not always a good thing. So that rulled tricobalt out. Plasma had to take a back seat to.. Action can get close in and dirty in the STF's sometimes and there reall is not reason to be causing blue on blue damage. And it can put paid to someone else firing solution..especially those boor buggers in the really slow manuvering ships! I run the Breen deflector and engine, and the assimilated Borg shields. Devices are my typical package. Red matter capacitor, subspace field modulator, and scorpion fighters..
Tac consoles are two RCS Accelerator consoles (I manuver agressivly..having a good turn rate allows me to so even better) In the SCi slots for now are the Universal Assimilated module, Biofunction monitor, Particle generator, and the Phase shift generator (special) that came with the carrier. Tac consoles are Directed energy distribution manifold and a prefire chamber along with my dear old Automated Defence turret. Now BIG CAVEAT.. this build is a work in progress and will change..

TAC LtC- TorpHY1, Cannon RF 1, attack pattern Omega 1
TAC Lt.-Tac team-i, TorpSpead-II
ENG Lt - EmP to shields-I, Eng Team-II
SCI Ens.- Polorize Hull-1
SCI Cmrd- SCiteam 1, Tracor Beam-II,Tacyons Rift II, Gravity Well-III

Flight Deck Officer, (reduce recharge time on hanger bays)
Conn Officer (Reduce recharge time evasive manuvers
Deflector Officer Reduce recharge time deflector abilities
Gravametric SCientist-Chance to greate aftershock Gravity Well.
SHield Distribution Officer-Chance to partially regen shields after brace for impact

Note: a little low on DOFF"s as of yet for this specific character..subject to change!!! But well selected space DOFF's are becoming important!

SO.. 2 pieces of the Breen set to give super cooled channels.. this very positivly effects high draw weapons.. such as dual heavy cannon! (and If I had the quad cannon it WOULD be mounted!)
2 Pieces of the Assimlated Borg set to give me the Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer effect.

Emphisis on the build is AI mob control, and the ability to manuver quickly to project heavy firepower on targets in the forward arc. while using Gravity well, and Tractor beam to deal with important targets and using Tacyons Rift and the pets to deal with high threat targets. A certain amount of self healing so I can maintain the tempo of combat but not an especially tanky build. Evasive manuvers and attack pattern Omega allow me to repostion fairly quickly..or get away from most threats with polorize hull to make sure that in most cases I can get away!

While a lot of fine tuning needs to be done yet, I'm pretty please with the results in Space STF's at Normal setting, and I wouldn't be adverse to taking this build into an elite STF. For that matter with the right team mates she could be pretty nasty even in PvP under the right situation. No doubt I would be a primary target in a screaming big hurry as this build is very capable of dishing out the damage without the pets. And hopefully I've stayed true to the concept of a BATTLE CARRIER.

Khemaraa Sends..

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