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12-19-2011, 07:03 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Classic approach to the T4 Hegh'ta or T5 B'rel-R,

(2) DHCs
(1) torp
(1) DBB

Use BO3 + DBB for the spike to shields (with full Tac buffs)
The DHCs keep constant pressure when boosted by CRF
and the Torpedo for the killing blow.

Turrets in back
This is how I roll. The dual beam bank helps really spike up the alpha strike damage when boosted by Beam Overload. Of course, you have to trade out cannon-modifying consoles for energy-type-modifying ones (I run with all AP weps) to get the full benefit.

Sometimes I trade out one rear turret for a torpedo; either a photon/quantum for boostable damage or a trico for an in-yr-FACE goodbye as I pass by.
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12-19-2011, 07:14 AM
Originally Posted by Beary666 View Post
Maybe someone who has played with torps more can answer this better, but I thought while HYT III offers more damage, the base damage per torpedo actually goes down, while with HYTI the base damage goes up and in the end HYTI gives nastier crits?
I have no idea, honestly. If so then a better build is possible as one could try.


Offering better survivability though the TT1 would have conflict with the ET1, but only for 15 seconds at a time.

Of course one could switch it to be;

THY1 CRF1 Of course teh ApB1 is optional and you could run something else there.
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12-19-2011, 08:37 AM
The crits per individual torpedo have higher potential for THY1, but the combined damage potential of all torps fired is higher for THY2 & 3.
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12-19-2011, 10:05 AM
Or one could try this on a Science Toon and a B'rel;

(2) DBBs (disruptor/tetryons/phasers)
(1) Quantum torpedo
(1) Chroniton torpedo
(1) rear beam array
(1) Bio Nueral warhead

Commander: THY1 / TT2 / BtsS: 3 / ApB3
LT: HE1 / TSS2
LT: ST1 / FBP1 (becuase its fun to everybody scatter when this goes off)


Commander: ET1 / EPTS2/ EPTS3/ A2Sif3
LTC: THY1 / TT2 / BtsS:3
LT: HE 1 / TSS2
LT: THY1 / BtsS:2

I'm partial to the second build. Could be fun on a B'rel if BtsS 2/3 works worth a darn at lowering shields and can be cycled with THY1 (x2).
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12-19-2011, 02:12 PM
sci heavy BO's on a tac/BOP are very fun.


TT1, HY2, APO1, CRF3
tracbeam1, sciteam2, PSW1
epts1, epts2

on your tac initiaive runs your are solid with every 15 sec a CRF3, and are a lil weaker on downtimes due to not carrying more than 1 tac BO, but you are not looking for much staying power in a BOP. matter of fact swap out that epts2 for RSP and make great use of go down fighting.

the PSW/tractor beam combo is sick straight out of cloak.... everyone who's nubsauce will fall for this for a while.

other thoughts: using 1 tac team means you better be good with your shield balancing, but the sciteam is great for clearing sci crap and a nice shield heal. you should try to run 3/4 borg bet to max those innate shield and hull heals and hardens.

BO3 is still the best spike out there, but the miss rate is horrible. use ACCx3 weapons where possible and hold that target still to land more of them. you can make that work with this template as well...TT1, HY2, BO3, APO3.

my current testing / theory is looking this way tho...DEM, Disruptors, and the Theta Vent P2W lolconsole...

epts1, aux2sif1, epts3, DEM3
TT1, HY1, CRF2

again, just in testing now, i still need 1 Engie BO trained up to get this fully rolling if its that theta rad vent thing is key, you are looking to deal quick hull damage here, and if they are stuck in that sauce you let em rip with DEM3, CRF, FOMM, APB, blah blah blah... disruptor proc boom

have fun find new ways to kill bad guys!


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