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12-20-2011, 05:01 AM
I suppose what this whole mess boils down to is that Cryptic doesn't seem to 'recognise' RedShirt Army as an entity even though it's been going on as long as it has. It's not so much the bug itself just that it seemed every other show had been given some form of recognition either via the bug or by being posted on the STO website.

The question is why was RSA snubbed like it was? I can't answer that, only Cryptic can but whatever the answer. it's a big kick to the gut to people who spend their own time and money on doing a show about a game that they enjoy to not even be given a modicum of respect and recognition.

The hosts of RSA have every right to be annoyed and upset however Cryptic also have every right to hand out items to whomever it wants to and publicise what it wants to.

Is this post going to change Cryptic's mind and have them give some recognition? maybe, maybe not but I can certainly see how they felt they had no option but to do this.

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