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I just got my Qorgh Raptor Refit: SuQob Class and I have been trying to find the right combo of weapons. What do you guys use? I have a "Very rare" transphasic torpedo which I use as one of the fore weapons together with 2 heavy cannons. In the rear I have the Bio neural warhead and a 360 degree cannon. I am thinking about switching that 360 for some mines. My idea is to charge the enemy with all that I have got and then as I pass them I launch mines and then the warhead.

What do you say? Put all torpedos aft and then put heavy cannons fore? Or is it fine as I have it? My klingon just got bumped to 21 so I am a bit lost atm. Gotta get weapons in check, and then I need to clear up the hud somehow, very messy now...

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