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12-21-2011, 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by Foxrocks
That's the thing, the numbers are rather low. In another thread someone was comparing TSS 3 to EPTS 1, and saying they have similar values, which is true. The thing is that is comparing TSS 3 at full aux, comparing an ensign power to a LTC power!

However I'm not sure what you mean it can't be boosted by consoles? Are the shield emitter consoles not working? If skills aren't affecting it then that would easily explain why it is weak.
Well, this could be my noobishness from being away for a while showing :p

Are there Shield Emitter Sci consoles? And if so, what do they look like (what 'old' Sci console image are they using)?

I tried using the 'new' version of the Holomatrix Diode (completely blanking on the name right now), the one that boosts FBP's damage (since TSS and FBP were boosted together back in the day), and that seems to have no effect.

At 94 Aux, I think I'm getting around 300/sec for TSS 2? Seems about right to me when you factor in the initial heal and resistance (~17%?), compared to SciTeam 1 granting 2273 (on my build). A little more than double the heal + decent resist.

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