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12-22-2011, 03:03 AM
Originally Posted by Warpstalker
It's easier to have a melee tact tanking him and a medic throwing nanites at the tact.
This way you don't have to watch the whole fight doing nothing.
Plus Armek goes down faster... it's getting difficult to throw heals, though, once the cover shields go up and you lose line of sight.

Maybe we can talk about what specific roles the different classes can have in the fight.

So far we have:

Tactical: Standing around, looking pretty (maybe distract Armek with a dance number?, melee fighting him with medic support. I would add debuffing him with that damage reduction power

Science: Medic tank him, I would add debuffing Armek with tricorder scan

Engineer: Artillery support, debuffing him with weapons malfunction and fuse armor

All classes: Chain attack him with Proton secondary fire of the ghostbuster gun, throwing cryo grenades

What this thread is still lacking, is some hard data on how to resist his attacks so we don't get oneshotted anymore.

I was thinking about getting tailormade armor and shields.
If I tank him, I would use polyalloy weave armor naturally. What would be the best modifiers for that?
If I keep at range energy damping armor might be most useful.
What can other kinds of armor bring to the table?

Shield should obviuously have an antiproton resistance modifier, if he uses an antiproton weapon.
Also an idea of mine would be the [rev] modifier? The one that damages the attacker based on the strength of his damage, to make sure, IF he oneshots us it better hurt him as well.
Question about this. If I wear this kind of shield and get hit by a chained attack, will it damage the original attacker or the previous victim? -> Five people all getting hit by chain blast wearing that shield = suicide or world of hurt for Armek?

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