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On only one of my characters, the default distance that the camera is behind my character has changed to all the way back. With every other character, when I enter a ground map, the camera is slightly further back than necessary to show the entire character. With this one character where the default distance has changed, the camera pulls all the way back when entering a ground map.

This distance is the new "default" distance for this character. I can still scroll in and out, I can still hit the Home key to go back to the default distance (the pulled out - "new" default), but I can't find any way to reset the default to slightly further back than a full body shot.

I've played around with every setting in the ground control tab, I've played around with the key binds. I changed the keybind for cycling camera distance so I could try that. That is just to cycle to different preset distances but doesn't affect the "default" distance set when you press the Home key.

Hopefully I've thoroughly explained the issue I'm having. In a nutshell, does anyone know how to reset what is considered the "default" camera distance when you press the Home key and when you enter a ground map?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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