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(I posted this to the wrong forum; so I'm re-posting after learning where it should have gone...)

Hi, everyone.

A few days ago I spent about six hours working on my first foundry mission. The mission I created is called "Undine Infiltration, Part I" and it is meant to continue the story arc of "The Undine Advance" episodes. It's a difficult mission requiring players with real skill, but if you completed "The Undine Advance" then you should be up for the challenge. If there are any reviewers out there that would be willing to give my mission a go, I'd appreciate it.

I published it, but it is still not public to the general STO community because it has yet to be reviewed by anyone. I think part of the issue is that the development team just hasn't improved these tools very much for us yet. Even as a reviewer, when I go to "New" it shows me missions with hundreds of reviews, which means they're "new to me" and not actually "new to the foundry." Because of this, it's very difficult "as a reviewer" to find new missions and get them posted for the public.

I'd really like it to be available to others. I feel like if I don't post this to the forums, it may sit in limbo forever. If people like the first mission, I'll continue the series. I have a lot of ideas for a compelling story and I lay the groundwork during the beginning of the mission when you meet with someone in Sick Bay on Earth Space Dock. The foundry really is a great way to add new content to STO, especially if you have a background in programming (such as myself) and can work with the more advanced features of the foundry program.

I hope they eventually upgrade the foundry program and the tools players use to find new content. To find my mission, click "J" and then the "Available" tab at the top of the window. From there, click on "Community Authored" in the left sidebar tabs. That takes you to the foundry missions. Then from there, just do a "Custom" search for the author "rswfire" and you'll find my mission. You can also search by its title, or just part of it, such as "Undine Infiltration."

I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to any feedback you have!



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