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# 1 Ground Combat TOO FAST!!!!
12-25-2011, 12:04 AM
Give us a break, Cryptic! We shouldn't be going down every single combat! Enemies are whittling us down to death faster than it takes to activate a shield recharge or a healing skill/hypo! It's ridiculous! This isn't fun to play! If people want more challenging combat, then let them play the higher difficulty level, but have pity on those of us who aren't pumped up on Red Bull and Adrenaline! No, my character isn't badly balanced; he's extremely well balanced and so is his team the enemies are just at least 4 levels higher than us, even when it says the level gap is 0.

Slow ground combat down to what it used to be, because this is totally ridiculous. It's not worth playing if you can't at least get out of a scuffle with you and your away team still alive!

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