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12-25-2011, 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by RKRider
First I'll go on record that I like the change and fully support it.

I will say that again even though it was explained fully, some people cannot picture it. I understand that you are not "losing" any skill points in the “space area” and in fact may be slightly better off with the new system, however the people complaining that “why cannot I spend all my skill points the way I want to” tell me people do not necessarily understand the new structure.

So, in my opinion, please consider a small change.

Space skill points and ground skill points.

With two pools of points, people will see that there really is no big change to space, and they are free to not assign and leave unused any ground skill points they wish, since they do not use them.

This also mirrors the reason they have the points….. skills acquired through experience. A captain that has lived through a hundred space battle gains experience with space battles… not ground conflicts. As you level, you should also EARN the points separately. If you’ve avoided ground battles, you may be an admiral in space, but only the skill of an ensign on ground.
love this idea. we should get the same amount of points we do now for space and also for ground.

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