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Hi, everyone.

I've just completed the first episode in a series for shuttlecrafts! I wanted to create something that allowed us to put our Runabouts and Captain's Yachts to good use! I'll be breaking this series up into "episodes and parts." The first one is:

A Captain's Duty, Ep.1, Pt. 1

This episode focuses on the Federation's efforts to mend relationships with species that have found themselves caught in the middle of the Federation's conflicts. As part of that effort, the Federation planned an event on Risa where these people could share their grievances with Starfleet.

In Part 1, you escort an ambassador to Risa, but things don't go quite as planned. :-) There is a small amount of space combat. Most of the mission takes place aboard the bridge. Part 2 will continue the storyline after the meetings on Risa -- so your return trip to your ship!

I'm not sure what I'll do for another episode, but they will all be unique and feature different elements of shuttlecraft play.

Hope you enjoy it!


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