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# 1 DOFF Questions
12-27-2011, 09:47 AM
I have a few questions when it comes to DOFFS

1. How do you sell Doffs? I have seen a few on exchange, but how do you actually get them there?

2. Some Doff’s are part of my crew and others are not. If I want to slot one into active duty I get a popup asking if I want it to be a member of my crew – what does this mean? Is it similar to being a bound vs nonbound items?

3. I have no more room for Doffs (maxed out). Once I learn how to recycle them is there any kind of strategy as to which ones to get rid of? All whites and slowly work to only have blue and green Doffs?

4. The extra buffs the Doff’s give how do you invoke them? I sometimes see a little icon with a cool down, but they are not always there. Are these passive buffs?

I have read the Doffs for Doofess was a good read but did not specificaly answer the above questions.

thanks for any help

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