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12-27-2011, 07:29 PM
Originally Posted by Docroadie View Post
I have a better idea.. How about they just let us put our points wherever we want instead of making us having to put 'x' amount of points in Tier 1 before going to Tier 2, etc...
Or better yet-- I'd rather have RESPEC per ship or per Class of ship (tact, eng, or sci). That way i can SPEC up a sci ship with more Sci than Tac or Engineering when taking out a SCI ship. Vice Versa with TAC and Engineer ships.
Or for ground-- Have ground SPEC per Group of BOFF..
For example-- Away team #1 could be all spec'd with Engineers. that way i could spec my ground towards engineers *turrets, drones, etc). Allow that to be saved as a 'bookmark' if you will.
Away team #2 could be Spec'd with All TAC boffs'
Away team #3 could be a mixed group of BOFF's
Each group saved under a specific Away team loadout name..
So when it comes time for a ground mission i can choose which Away team group i want to take with me instead of picking through my list of officers one at a time..
Be sure to put it in the "Offical" thread.

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