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Hey guys, two things that are driving me nuts I was wondering if I could get some guidance on:

1) This is the big one...because I'm in the DOFF system all the time, or Exchange, etc., I am often going up to close windows in the upper right part of the screen. Half the time, though, the "minimize" button comes out of hiding, and if I am not super-careful I can accidentally click it. Once the STO window is minimized, I have no choice but to CTRL-ALT-DEL, terminate STO, and relaunch all over.

I can't get it to maximize again, and when I try to alt-tab in I get a black screen for a minute, and drop to desktop. I know it's still going as I can sometimes hear sounds - is there any way to disable this? I never had this issue before, until Season 5 and now it's driving me batty, especially when I use my trackpad on my laptop (which is less accurate than my Razer Naga). It's happening at least once a play session and it's really the most annoying thing ever. Even from the Desktop Toolbar, the option to "maximize" window again does not appear, so there is nothing I can do but manually terminate the app and relaunch.

2) Am I the only one that crashes every time I try to load into DS9 (ground)? If I leave it for 4 or 5 minutes sometimes it will beam me in, but most times it just sits on the loading screen until I CTRL-ALT-DEL. I have left it so long before the system times out for the 15 min, and most of the time it won't load unless I reboot. When I reboot STO, I load into DS9 and can continue playing.

Just wondering if these are known issues (especially #1!!!) as while I am so enjoying STO as always, they are starting to drive me a little bonkers since both are happening to me every time i play.

Thank you for any advice!

Lt. Commander
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# 2
12-27-2011, 11:08 PM
there are some people that crash when loading into ds9 or esd, or it takes forever,
there's no one set fix for it i'm afraid.
some people turn off dynamic lighting and that works for them,
some reduce shadows,
some clear the game cache; out of game, delete the hogg files under the live/cache folder
WARNING, don't go deleting stuff if your not sure what to do!
some people did a force verify and that worked for them.
i know some that are still stuck after all that.

you can also uninstall and reinstall your graphics drivers,
and make sure that they are updated to the latest driver.

I had a toon stuck at ds9, esd, btran mission, and explore mission...
I did all of the above and that might have cleared 3 of them , maybe.
or it cleared up on its own.

also, make sure that network/firewalls/antivirus/router is not messing up communication.

on minimizing, guess your running on window maxed and not fullscreen?

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