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12-30-2011, 09:28 PM
In addition to the skill suggestions others have mentioned take into consideration what Doffs you have and how they may help your build. Some reduce recharge on TSSx abilities, others have % chance to trigger shield heal and regen when using BFI, others have chance to boost all power levels when using EPtX abilities, etc.

Also, on the KDF side anyway there's an STF shield which boosts defense by 10, so you could use Aegis partial for another 10 as they stack (the shield also has a huge buffer w/+35% console I get over 9.6k/siding on a b'rel). I'm not familiar w/the Fed side STF gear, but I'd look into those shields.

Last, since the replay rewards changed on missions I believe there's a level scaled higher buffer shield than the Reman. Look into those to see if there's something that'll improve your ship layout.

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