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# 1 Shuttlecraft STF's?
12-31-2011, 02:07 AM
Aside from the inevitable "Death Star Trench Run" jokes, I've always wanted to undock from a big starship in my type f shuttle, fly inside a borg cube, and blow it up from the inside, all the while getting cover fire from a few other people who are flying their own fighters or runabouts.

An original gameplay style with its own unique rules could emerge from such STFs (Colliding with a ship, object or wall does damage to you, Defense scales with engine power, you can shoot while flying at full impulse, etc.)

It would also make sense from a business perspective since right now, the only reason you should buy an expensive peregrine fighter or delta flyer is for that one Vault mission that you could do with a free, slightly weaker type 8 shuttle.

Of course, all of this might be impossible due to (insert random TNG/DS9/VOY canon reference here) or "no man you see the game would be silly and stuff with shuttles everywhere...and stuff. hahaha lol my triplasma super magnetoplasma torpedo would deal 999999 damage to you haha lulz."

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